A regular expression is a sequence of characters that specifies a search pattern.

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Identifier Description
\d any number
\D anything but a number
\s space
\S anything but a space
\w any character
\W anything but a character
\b the whitespace around words
. any character expect for a new line
\. a period


Modifier Description
{1, 3} we're expecting 1-3 ex: \d{1, 3}
{x} expecting "x" ammount
+ Match 1 or more
? Match 0 or 1
* Match 0 or more
$ Match the end of a string
^ Matching the beginning of a string
[] range or "variance" [A-Z]


Expression Description
^ negates a character class (eg: /[^g-f]/ – NOT between g and f)
\W [^\w]
\D [^\d]
\S [^\s]
(?:ABC) won't capture the group
AB(?=C) lookahead, will match when AB is followed by C, but C won't be matched
(?<name>.*) gives a group a name

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Author: Bruno Coimbra (b-coimbra)

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