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Command Description
, s f skewer eval defun
SPC a r summons ranger
SPC f b view ranger bookmarks
SPC s e summons iedit-mode
SPC t t treemacs
C-n evil-mc next match
C-p evil-mc previous match
M-n evil-mc move cursor to next match
M-p evil-mc move cursor to previous match
g r q evil-mc remove all cursors

Magit commands

Git commands (start with g):

  • SHIFT for selecting portions of the file to stage.
  • bb checkout a branch
  • ,, commit a file in the commit buffer
  • e opens ediff
Key Binding Description
SPC g b open a magit blame
SPC g B quit magit blame
SPC g c commit changes
SPC g C checkout branches
SPC g d show diff prompt
SPC g D show diff against current head
SPC g e show ediff comparison
SPC g E show ediff against current head
SPC g f show fetch prompt
SPC g F show pull prompt
SPC g H c clear highlights
SPC g H h highlight regions by age of commits
SPC g H t highlight regions by last updated time
SPC g i git init a given directory
SPC g I open helm-gitignore
SPC g l open a magit log
SPC g L display the log for a file
SPC g P show push prompt
SPC g s open a magit status window
SPC g S stage current file
SPC g m display the last commit message of the current line
SPC g t launch the git time machine
SPC g U unstage current file
SPC j d dired jump

Date: 2021-09-11 sáb 00:00

Author: Bruno Coimbra (b-coimbra)

Created: 2021-10-13 qua 13:37